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Song of Burgeoning Fervor
ID: 263 Status: Closed
- Description -

Song of Burgeoning Flames is a dedicated pair. Though Crown speaks loftily of entertaining droves of mares and siring hundreds of children, the likelihood of Riot approving of this is highly unlikely. Anyone interested in joining will have to cater to her high standards. Rest assured however, her intentions are to protect her mate from his silliness (don't ever repeat that word).

In other words, I would prefer sams from the original lines, if any. There's just something adorable yet classy about them that I think would serve as a classy image for this song.

Their Closed status is permanent; no permission will be given until melomar receives their firstborn. Greedy greedy. After that, breeding will require permission as per usual.

- Lead Stallion -
Crown of Royal Bearing
Owned by melomar
- Lead Mare -
Riot of Spring Approaching
Owned by melomar

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