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Song of the Royally Rotund
ID: 236 Status: Semi-Open
- Description -

A song for the Pudgy! Stars loves his ladies large and in charge. He is the shy yet charming type and will do anything for his ladies to make sure they are happy and of course.. ROUND.
Stars does not require permission.

Please Ask Permission for any breedings with the LADIES of this song.

- Lead Stallion -
Stars of the Falling Sky
Owned by RikkuGirl
- Lead Mare -
Zephyr of the Phoenix Grounded
Owned by Xenon

- Mares -
Cascade of the Sunset Stream
Owned by Pristine
Delight of Raspberry Cocoa
Owned by fallyntalyn
Summer of Abundant Cheer
Owned by Sweet~Intoxikation
- Offspring -
Joy of the Dancing Lights
Foal of Summer of Abundant Cheer
Not currently in a Song
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