User-to-Sharian trading rules - please read

Exchange items with other users, and trade with the Sharians.
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User-to-Sharian trading rules - please read

Post by Sushidragon »

Finally have enough items stocked up to trade for a Modiem? Noticed that there's special items in stock and you just happen to have the items required to trade? You'll want to talk to the Sharians! Please observe the following rules when making a User-to-Sharian trade.

- Some items, such as Modiems, are always available. Others, such as Amulets and Totems, are not always in stock. Check out the Special Stock post to see if there's anything special you want to trade for.
- Sharians do not give 'change.' So, if you want to purchase an item that costs five points, and you have two three-point items, you will not receive the extra one point in change.
- When you've decided what you want, please make a post with the subject "ATTN - User-to-Sharian trade" with the following filled out:

Item I am trading for:
Item's cost:
Items I am paying with:

- I or a moderator will review your trade post. The necessary changes will be made to the items list, and you'll be in possession of a shiny new something-or-other! Your trade post will be locked when the trade is complete.
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Re: User-to-Sharian trading rules - please read

Post by RikkuGirl »

Can you trade modiums to the sharians for other modiums?
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