Safety reminder - know who the real Sushi is!

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Safety reminder - know who the real Sushi is!

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I have another adoptable that I used to run mostly on PI called the Glassgryphs, although they've been on hiatus for a while. Last year, for reasons still completely unknown to me, someone decided to pretend they were me and created a fake LiveJournal community to 'give away' Glassgryphs.

Once I found out, I got the LJ shut down, but I recently found out that they had also emailed people on the Glassgryph forum and pretended to hold a giveaway from a fake email address. To make sure nothing like this ever happens with Samanayrs, I thought it would be good to share some info about how I do things XD

  • All events are posted on this forum and/or on the forums of sites where Samanayrs are active. I do not run events through email mailing lists, just on LiveJournal, or through IM.
  • My LiveJournal username is sushidragon and I do have a rather inactive adoptable-related LJ community called cityshar. Were I to run events on LiveJournal, it would not be from any other account.
  • The username of the Photobucket account I use for all of my adoptables and images is skysong_of_shar.
  • My email address is (without the ANTISPAM, of course XD). I also have an old Yahoo account which I don't use to actually send emails.
  • I do use AIM but would never run events from there, and I don't use any other messengers with any regularity.

If you are approached by someone you suspect might be pretending to be me, please let the real me know! Don't be taken in by Sushidragon imposters!
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