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Hurt thumb and broken finger!

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2020 4:00 pm
by Sushidragon
Because the fun just doesn't stop around here, I'm having issues with the thumb of my drawing hand. Drawing by hand and inking really hurts, but digital and markers are still okay. I get to see the doctor in person in a couple of weeks and am hopeful he'll be able to do something to help it.

I thought it was arthritis but nothing showed up on the x-rays I got a couple of weeks ago. I did find out I broke the middle finger of my other hand last month when I had a good fall while roller skating, but it's starting to feel better now XD

Anyway, that's what's up here, besides all the pandemic fun and stress. I hope you're all doing well and I'm really sorry I haven't been active with Samanayr stuff lately. I did renew the domains, at least? XD;

Re: Hurt thumb and broken finger!

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2020 9:16 pm
by Codress
Sorry to hear about your hands bummers. But looks like going in a good direction. So positive!!?!!
So far not doing too bad here. Just waiting for Disney to call me and Big back to work but so far no dice.
Hope all are doing well and safe and working! huggles

I miss everyones!!! :oops: :oops:

Re: Hurt thumb and broken finger!

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2020 10:04 pm
by ElvenArcher
Ouch! Sorry about your hand. That really doesn't sound great.
Hopefully the doctor can help. :)

Things have been hard for me. My work was doing fine despite the virus stuff. Then a bunch of groups canceled. The boss has been scrambling to find people to rent the place but with stuff shut down, it's been hard. So work has been slow. My mom and sister now work with me and we told the boss that if things didn't pick up then we would have to find new jobs. The boss said Absolutely not. He will find a way to give us a salary or something. He doesn't want us going elsewhere. XD
So we know our jobs are safe at least and a few groups have booked for the summer.

Biggest thing that recently happened...

My mom hasn't been feeling well lately. She's not been sick more like run down. Tired all the time and other things. She got a doctor's appointment and he sent her to the hospital immediately. She then got transferred to a cardiac unit 2 hours away. They said she was close to having a heart attack.

She spent the weekend in the hospital getting tests done and resting.
The first hospital told her that her heart was enlarged but the cardiologist told her it wasn't enlarged but it was damaged.
He said she has congestive heart failure. Which doesn't have a cure BUT... They caught it soon enough that she can fully recover with the help of meds. They also want her to be more active. They sent her home on 24 hour oxygen as well.

It was a very stressful weekend. She has been home a little over a week now and she is feeling a lot better.

She had an appointment on Tuesday and the Doctor rold her that she is better than expected and told her as long as she keeps monitoring her blood oxygen level and keeps it at 90 or above, then she doesn't have to use the oxygen all the time. My mom was very happy to hear that because it has made her nose really sore.

On a different note. We have been blessed with more stray kittens. :/
Our county does not have a trap and release program so we are having a hard time keeping up with the kittens.
We have found homes for most of the springtime babies but unfortunately we have another litter of 4 and another litter on the way. These cats are hard to keep contained. XP

We also are expecting some chicks. My mom's little frizzled couchin hen decided to hide a nest from me again this year. Silly thing is, they aren't her eggs. XD

Woo... Sorry for the long post. I talk too much. XD hahaha

I miss everyone here. I check back now and again to see if anyone posts anything. It's too quiet. XD

Re: Hurt thumb and broken finger!

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2020 9:14 am
by RikkuGirl
I miss you all! I'm doing ok. About to move again in 2 weeks so that is exciting. Hanging in there with the virus, thankfully I have not gotten it and plan not to. Love and health to you all, hope you all stay safe and healthy.

I'm sorry to hear about your finger and hand Sushi! Hope you feel better soon! Let me know if you want help with anything here, I would love to get into some drawing, I need an escape!