Do stuff - redeem a token

Equip, name pets and Sams, redeem tokens, grow RP Sams, all that good stuff.
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Do stuff - redeem a token

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Tokens can be redeemed at any time! How long it takes me to complete them just depends on how much work I have on the go already. If you post your token redemption info it's easier for me to keep track, but if you'd prefer to keep everything private you're still quite welcome to send me a PM instead of posting :D

To redeem a token, please make a new post with the subject 'Redeeming a (type) token' and the applicable form filled out.

Custom Samanayr
Species can be Samanayr, Lamanayr, or Northern. Maximum of two traits with maximum rarity of 'rare.' A small accessory can also be added.

Samanayr name:
Colors/markings description:
Special traits (optional):
Accessories (optional):
A few words describing personality:
Anything else?

Semi-custom Samanayr
Simple enough!

Up to 4 colors:

Breeding Token
Modiems and one-use items can be used, just not any combos that would result in multiple foals.

Song name:
Song URL:
Sire's name:
Sire's ID or image URL:
Dam's name:
Dam's ID or image URL:
Modiems (if any):
Single-use item (if any):

Splice Token
Combine any two Sams, as long as you have permission to use them! A one-use item can be used.

Sam #1's name:
Sam #1's ID or image URL:
Sam #2's name:
Sam #2's ID or image URL:
One-use items (if any):
Do you have all applicable permissions?

Semi-custom pet
For semi-custom pets you can either choose up to four colors or provide the ID of a Samanayr, and I'll use colors that complement the Sam. If you provide a Sam ID the pet will be automatically equipped to it unless you specify otherwise.

Up to 4 colors or Sam ID:

Semi-custom accessory
You do need to own a Sam to redeem an accessory token, since the accessory will be equipped when it's done XD Location can be somewhere like head, wings, legs, etc. The accessory size is random.

Up to 4 colors or Sam ID:
Sam ID:

A level 1 job. Jobs list -

Sam ID:
Image Image

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