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Custom Samanayrs

Custom Samanayrs are sometimes available through contests and games, and sometimes custom slots are sold. For more information on the customs process and specific details of how it works, check out the custom FAQs!

If you purchase a custom, you also have the option to have the original mailed to you. If you're interested in having your original mailed to you, please ask for more information.

Please note that prices are subject to change, and I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason.

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Base Prices

These are the base prices for a mare of the below species with no additional traits. You choose the colors, patterns, and other information based on species (such as wing type for Lamanayrs). Species-specific traits, such as the wings, tufted tail, and black eyes of the Lamanayrs, are included in the base price. For more information on the different species, visit the species page!

  • Semi-custom Samanayr - $15
    You choose the colors, I choose the markings and gender. Add-ons can be added.
  • Samanayr - $18
  • Lamanayr, Northern, Desert, or Sa'krien - $20
    For Lamanayrs, please choose Feathered, Faery, or Draconic Wings.
  • Aquatic, Aboreal, Minayr, or Northern Aquatic - $23
  • Integrated - $25
    You choose which limbs are replaced with which inorganic material.
  • Sa'grisayr - $25
  • Animal mimic - $25
    Not an official species, animal mimics have coloration and traits based on real animals. The cost of an animal mimic includes all traits required to mimic the animal, such as solid hooves, horns, tail type, etc.
  • Illiayr or Aeronayr - $30
  • Elemental (basic) - $30
    Choose between earth, air, fire, and water.
  • Elemental (other) - $50
    An element other than the four basic elements.
  • Mystic - add $10
    You choose magic type (earth, air, fire, or water). Any non-magical species can be a Mystic.
  • Misery - add $15
    You choose magic type (earth, air, fire, or water). Any non-magical species can be a Misery.
  • Combination - varies
    A combination of two species, such as Northern Lamanayr or Desert Sa'krien. Base price is the cost of the cheaper species plus half the cost of the more expensive species (eg a Northern Illiayr would be $20 + $40/2 = $30).

Add-on Prices

These are optional add-ons and features that can affect the price of your custom.

  • Stallion instead of mare - add $2
  • Common trait - add $2 each
    Traits are listed on the traits page.
  • Uncommon trait - add $4 each
    Traits are listed on the traits page.
  • Rare trait - add $6 each
    Traits are listed on the traits page.
  • Very rare trait - add $8 each
    Traits are listed on the traits page.
  • New special trait - add $5 - 20
    A new special trait designed by you! The price will vary based on the complexity and rarity of the trait.
  • Unique special trait - $20 - $30
    A unique special trait that will only appear on your Samanayr. Others can only receive this trait through breedings, or if you commission another Samanayr.
  • Growing - add $5
    Your Samanayr will start with the foal stage and grow into an adult!
  • Accessories - add $0 - 10
    Accessory prices vary based on complexity. Something simple like a little necklace would be no additional charge.
  • Animation - add $5 to 20
    A simple animation such as an eye-blnk will be a smaller cost than a full-body animation requiring additional frames being hand-drawn.


Pets can be purchased with a custom Samanayr or by themselves, and you do not need to own a Samanayr to buy a pet! For more information on pets, please see the pet shop. Pets are only available as semi-customs right now, but you can let me know markings that you'd like as well as colors. If it's a major pet, you also pick its gender.

  • Minor pet (insect or avian) - $5
  • Wild Dragonet, Kreenasa Dragonet, Aquatic Dragonet - $10
  • Catgryph - $15
  • Oquiesa - $30


For custom breedings, the same regular breeding rules and restrictions apply, and all required permissions must be obtained if you're not using your own pair or a pair from an open Song. For all commissioned breedings, there's the usual random chance of twins and spontaneous mutation, and the foal will grow from the foal stage to the adult stage. Bred foals will be named when they grow to adulthood. If you purchase a pet add-on to go with the breeding, the pet will also have a baby stage.

For all custom breedings, modiems can be used as long as they do not result in twins or triplets. A single-use item can also be used.

  • Regular breeding - $25
    A guaranteed breeding. The Samanayrs involved must be in the same Song.
  • Wild breeding - $25
    A Samanayr that's not in a Song can breed with a random wild Samanayr.
  • Song of the Rainbow breeding - $25
    A breeding from a Song of the Rainbow pair of your choice.


Tokens are items that you can redeem for a semi-custom Sam, custom Sam, semi-custom pet, or Samanayr breeding, depending on the type of token. Usually tokens are available as event prizes, but occasionally they can be purchased as a gift for others. Tokens can be redeemed at any time by sending me a PM on PI or the Samanayr forum, but the time for me to complete the Sam or pet can vary based on my current workload.

  • Semi-custom Samanayr token - $15
    To redeem, just let me know the colors you'd like for the semi-custom.
  • Breeding token - $25
    To redeem, just send me a PM with the breeding form filled out. Please note that as with custom breedings, modiems can be used on a token breeding, but not a combination that results in a multiple birth.
  • Custom Samanayr token - $20
    To redeem, just send me a PM with the custom form filled out. You can pick between Samanayr, Lamanayr, or Northern as the species, gender, colors and markings, up to two traits with 'rare' rarity, and one small accessory.
  • Semi-custom pet token - $10
    To redeem, just send me a PM with the colors you'd like. I decide the gender, the name can be picked after it's finished, and it can be equipped at any time. The resulting pet can be any pet species, not just one of the ones available as customs.

Custom Forms

Custom Samanayr form

This is the form to fill out if you're purchasing a custom. When you purchase a custom, you do have the option to name it as long as you observe the Samanayr naming rules. If you'd prefer not to name your Samanayr, it will come named.

Samanayr name:
Colors/markings description:
Special traits (optional):
Accessories (optional):
A few words describing personality:
Anything else?

Custom breeding form

If you're getting a custom breeding, please fill out the following form. If the Samanayrs involved have an ID number, please put that down, otherwise please directly link to the Sam's image. For wild breedings, just put down 'wild' for the sire's info.

Song name:
Song URL:
Sire's name:
Sire's ID or image URL:
Dam's name:
Dam's ID or image URL:
Primary Modiems (if any):
Secondary Modiems (if any):
One-use items (if any):

Semi-custom pet form

This is the form for semi-custom pets. If you're ordering a Samanayr and a pet at the same time, it's assumed that they'll be equipped together unless otherwise specified.

Pet name:
If being equipped, Samanayr ID:

Semi-custom Samanayr form

If you're purchasing a semi-custom Samanayr, all you need to do is let me know which colors you'd like.

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