song of the rainbow

The fourth Song of the Rainbow is led by the first Kirin Samanayr, Glint of the Ice Prism. He searched far and wide for mares that he found worthy to join his Song, and finally met and courted four very unique mares. They were designed by the people they're currently fostered with.

Several years have gone by without a Song of the Rainbow, but Glint claims the time has come for one to keep watch over the Hotsprings again. Nobody is entirely sure what he means by this - maybe he knows something nobody else does? This is the fourth Song of the Rainbow, noted on breeding records as birth-Song Rainbow IV.

Name Glint of the Ice Prism
Gender Stallion
Species Kirin
Traits Upright ears, leonine mane, belly mane, scales, tufted tail, black eyes, kirin horn
Fostered by Sushidragon
Name Bloom of the Spring Desert
Gender Mare
Species Desert
Traits Tufted tail, draconic wings, large ears
Fostered by Origami_Dragon
Name Fan of Verdant Plumes
Gender Mare
Species Lamanayr
Traits Feathered tail, feathered wings, black eyes, head tuft
Fostered by Harroway
Name Reach of Mountain Skies
Gender Mare
Species Lamanayr
Traits Tufted tail, black eyes, feathered-draconic wings
Fostered by Cassiadawn
Name Shadow of the Secret Rainbow
Gender Mare
Species Samanayr
Traits Ram horns
Fostered by dray
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