expedition HQ

Sharian-Samanayr Exchange and Expeditions

The Headquarters for Sharian-Samanayr Exchange and Expeditions was created fairly recently, and quickly came to be referred to as Expedition HQ. Located quite close to the Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings, the HQ was established by a group of Sharians and Samanayrs as a place where Samanayrs could bring goods and items to trade for magical items from the Sharians. Official expeditions are also organized at the HQ, with a Sharian leader to protect the intrepid Samanayr gatherers.

The concept was simple enough - small as they are, Samanayrs are well-equipped to find items and objects that the much taller Sharians could easily overlook. Things like tiny bead-sized berries and delicate flowers that the Sharians use in both everyday life and for magical purposes were found frequently by Samanayrs, who would generally pass by or discard them if they had no use for them.

Now, a willing Samanayr can be fitted with a small carry-sack and head out to explore and see what there is to be found. They can then exchange these seemingly useless items for magical objects of much more interest, things that can have an effect on a breeding, an individual Samanayr, or even an entire Song.

To see what items you have, you can view the inventory in the database - your items will also be displayed in your member control center when you're logged in to your account. You can visit the expedition HQ section of the forums to see the trading post for exchanging items, and to see when the next expedition is scheduled.

  • Actions and trading
    What can be done with items, and where you have to go to do it.
  • Tradeable item list
    A list of the different items that can be traded to the Sharians. Includes image, description, and trade value.
  • Sharian item list
    A list of the different magical items and objects that the Sharians have to offer.
  • Other items
    A list of special items that cannot be traded for.
  • Modiem effects
    The different effects that combinations of modiems can have.
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