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Actions and Trading

All Expedition HQ-related actions take place in the Expedition HQ section of the forum. There is a lot that can be done, so hopefully this list will help to de-complicate things a little bit.

I want to get an item I can trade to the Sharians

Tradeable items can be obtained on an expedition. Expeditions currently take place on the expedition board - more details on how expeditions work will be explained there. There are also sometimes chances to get tradeable items from contests and events.

I want to trade with the Sharians to get an item

If you have the required items, you can trade with the Sharians on the Trading Post. Please see the User-to-Sharian trading rules before posting.

I want to trade items with another user

User-to-user trades can be arranged either in private or on the Trading Post, taking into account the User-to-User item trading rules. All User-to-User trades must be finalized in item administration.

Items that can be traded are:

  • Tradeable items
  • Unused Modiems and Mimodiems
  • Totems and Amulets that have not been equipped

Items that cannot be traded are:

  • Totems and Amulets that have been equipped
  • Samanayrs (they're not items!)

I want to see what items I have

To see what items you have, you can view the item inventory in the database - your items will also be displayed in your member control center when you're logged in to your account.

I want to equip an item to a Samanayr or Song

Equippable items are Totems and Amulets. To equip one to a Samanayr or Song, please visit the equip board.

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