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Tradeable Items

The following is a list of all of the possible items that can be found on an expedition. Each item has a name, image, description, and how many trade points the Sharians value it at. The points value is an indicator of how rare the item is, as the more rare items are worth more points, and are subject to change as an item becomes more common or scarce.

These items are not equippable, and can only be used for trade with the Sharians.

Name Image Description Value
Brown Lamanayr Feather A Lamanayr wing-feather, used in decoration 1
Gleamstone A tiny rock with a glittery sheen 1
Rosa Berries Tiny, tart berries that are entirely inedible 1
Sweetscent Flower A small flower with a fantastic scent 1
Rainbow Lamanayr Feather A Lamanayr wing-feather, used in decoration 2
Sunsnap Flower The little flowers are such a bright yellow they almost seem to be glowing 2
Tandil Berries These berries look delicious, but are very poisonous 2
Silver Bark Bark from the Silverleaf Tree 3
Flaming Christmas Pudding Mmm, on fire. 4
Fruitcake Fruitcake of unknown age and origin. 4
Green Gelatin Dessert ...did it just move? 4
Birch Rod A birch rod with a lovely red bow (art by oakleafwolf) 5
Funfetti Birthday Cake A delicious confetti-flecked slice of birthday cake. Happy birthday! 5
Gingerbread Samanayr A delicious gingerbread Samanayr! 5
Rainbow Birthday Cake A delicious 7-layered slice of colorful birthday cake. Happy birthday! 5

Image credits

  • Sushidragon - Rosa berries, brown Lamanayr feather, rainbow Lamanayr feather
  • Pristine - Tandil berries, silver bark, gleamstone, sweetscent flower, sunsnap flower
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